The Queen of All Cakes

I’m not a big cake person but I just LOVE wedding cakes. They are so much more than just flour, sugar and butter (and whatever else goes into making a cake…I’m SO baking challenged).

They are the Queen of all cakes! They are regal towers of joy, fun, and hope. So grand are their stature that it takes several people just to carry them, like Egyptian royalty, into a room. And then they are placed in the center of one of the most precious (well, hopefully, one of the most precious…) days of our lives.

All the guests “ohhh” and “ahhh” over them and don’t dare leave the celebration until they are ceremoniously cut, shared and devoured. The cutting ritual is one of the highlights of the event with the guests forming a tight love circle around the cake as the couple jointly brings up the chosen first piece.

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My Bamboo Cutting Board

Since I don’t write a food blog or post a ton of recipes, you probably wouldn’t guess that I am always in the kitchen! I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and to do that, I need a decent amount of quality kitchen supplies at my disposal.

I used to buy cheap kitchen tools figuring I could just replace them when they were worn or broken for little money, but then I’d find myself getting frustrated that these things were such low quality and falling apart. Not exactly proper thinking.

I realized this fault and when we moved into our new house, I started replacing certain items with new, better quality ones. I’ve been happier working in the kitchen ever since!

One of the kitchen items I had not replaced until recent was my plastic cutting board. It was so full of deep scratches and stains and stopped sitting flat on the counter since it got warped from the dishwasher.

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Worth the money?

D’s mom bought a Groupon for a fancy-ish Japanese restaurant in town. D, his mom and I love (love love) sushi. We checked the menu and there were more “meal” options for his dad so we were good to go. We decided to do sushi family style. Order a bunch of rolls and split everything.

Now for those who aren’t from or who have never had the opportunity to visit Vancouver, you can get sushi really inexpensive year. A HUGE bonus to being so close to the Pacific Ocean. D and I have had three sushi rolls and miso soup for $7. Literally.

Being at a higher end restaurant, we weren’t surprised when even the regular rolls were $5-7 per roll. Then we decided to get a “fancy” roll that was $15.

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Six Cases For Affordable Food Preparation and Sanitation

Do you want to survive a crisis situation? Of course, you do or you wouldn’t be preparing the way you do. During your prepping, don’t overlook such critical aspects proper sanitation and be sure to maintain high standards of cleanliness when preparing foods. Here are six short cases to make the point.

1. Proper sanitation and safe cooking practices are as important, if not more so, during a crisis than during other times. If you get ill, you may not be able to access medical care in a timely manner -if at all. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million Americans get sick from food poisoning every year. That is 1 in 6 Americans!

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